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A plan for everyone scaled to your needs

30 day trial - no credit card required -- 15% discount on all annual plans

Unlimited users on all plans
Scaled to help you grow Share Share more Enterprise
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workspaces 1 workspace Up to 25 workspaces Unlimited
Data Storage Up to 1 million+ Unlimited Self Managed Up to 100 million rows + Unlimited Self Managed Unlimited
Data Sources All 300+ Matatika and Community Supported All 300+ Matatika and Community Supported + Private Custom All 300+ Matatika and Community Supported + Private Custom
Data Processing / month Up to 20 hours Up to 2000 hours Unlimited
End to end encryption
Two-factor authentication
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Your choice of cloud
Support Online support Online support Premium support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Workspace?
A Workspace is a single space hosted either on our cloud or yours where you can invite anyone you like to share, comment and report on data. The number of users is unlimited but the data capacity and processing time is limited on the Grow plan. You might only invite your colleges into this space, or you may invite clients or customers to share mutual data in a single workspace. For each new customer, or where you would like to share different data sets, you need a new workspace.
How many people can I add to collaborate?
As many as you like! We are a sharing platform so we want you to bring your colleagues and customers without restriction. The Grow plan only has a single workspace so, if that is working well for you, get in touch about increasing the number and let's chat!
How much data should I plan for?
If you are already using a data warehouse, you will have some idea how much data you have as a company. But if you are building something from scratch it is much harder to tell. Our pricing scales, so if you are not sure, you can start with the Grow plan and adapt. Real time data takes more processing time, so if daily updates are ok, the Grow plan is probably fine. We are happy to talk it through with you.
Do I need to supply a credit card to 'Try Now'
No. Just try it out! We'd love to hear what you think of the service, so we hope you'll give us your feedback whether you love it or if you think we could improve.
Will you spam me with emails once I sign up?
No. We'll ping you an email or two with some tips and next steps though.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes. Buying annually helps us plan better, so we're delighted to extend you a discount when you pay for 12 months at a time. Let's see what we can do if you have lots of data or users too.
Can you setup invoiced billing through my procurement team?
Sure. We know large organisations need to plan too. Invoiced billing is available for Premium plans.

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