• Technology: Using GPT-3 large language model to extract structured information from documents

    In this article, we explore the use of the GPT-3 large language model to extract data from documents for a leading Private Equity Co. In plain English:  We used AI to read a document and put the answers into a spreadsheet. Millions of documents can be read at the same cost as one human. Complex questions can be asked with better-than-human performance reading comprehension. Extracting answers to questions into a spreadsheet enables analytics across document dimensions, time for example. Other potential use cases could include better-than-human performance on data entry, document text extraction, and screen scraping (which requires a human to pinpoint the required data).

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  • Matatika Community Edition

    We are delighted to announce the Matatika Community Edition - a FREE version of the Matatika Platform.  With this significant step, we are making automated and intelligent information even more accessible.  Distributed as a set of docker services, our Community Edition is designed for data teams to evaluate and develop with Matatika.  Hugely reducing the investment required to collect, combine, and share information.

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  • Product Update: November

    If you love PowerBI but you want it to work better. If you are wondering why your Snowflake costs are escalating. If you want to manage data better and drill down deeper, read this months' product update.

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  • The Four Pillars of Data Sharing

    Infrastructure, Governance, Analytics and Marketplaces are the Four Pillars of the new era of B2B data sharing and we are here for it! See how in our article.

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  • Product Update: October

    Release the real value in your data with secure 3rd party sharing. Octobers product updates are all created to make collaboration easier.

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  • Product Update: September

    This month’s features are all about making things easier. The good news is, with our flexibility / open source approach, we set up a workspace how most people like to work, but always have customisable features you can add.

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