Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of Data Sharing

Published on November 9, 2022

The next bastion of growth is the information you share outside of your company (with another company) for the purpose of innovation, growth or insight. 

Here in this article, we examine the four pillars of B2B data sharing or, the movement from closed circuits to integrated ecosystems.  Far from straightforward, we have been working on a solution that simplifies the construction process.  Along the way, and with the help of a paper by the European Round Table on the benefits of B2B data sharing, we have proven the technology soundness of the four pillars.   

The impact of the technology and this movement is so huge we sometimes call this Radical Data Transparency. 



If you are going to set your data free in the wild, you want to have confidence in it. 

A robust data stack is essential for producing timely, workable and accurate data, it is also incredibly difficult to secure its accuracy. One of the answers to this dilemma is automation: the fewer hands the data passes through, the more reliable it will be. The other is a flexible solution to the sharing and interrogating of your data.  An excel spreadsheet attachment to an email not only puts trust in question, but it won’t meet the high standards (see Governance) required for data sharing to be meaningful. 



Data must be held to a high standard for it to be trusted. 

Whether we are talking self-regulating or set in law,  Data compliance can be seen throughout a business as a burden and obstacle to progress.  Data compliance built into a data platform saves a considerable amount of admin, but also increases accountability 



What you do with your data sharing is going to make all the difference.  Having access to analytics tools, AI, natural language search to generate value in the way that best suits your data is the deal breaker here, so this is your reminder of the complete inflexibility of No-code analytics platforms.  Choose wisely!



Now we come to the heart of things. 

You must be able to find the app you need to get the job done, and this app must be created.  This value-exchange is an incentive for the developer community to explore what is possible and for customers to use and feedback their experiences.  Ever since Apple opened its app store, customers have been comfortable with the concept of buying the component parts of their workspace (for Apple, it is your smartphone).  Many industries have followed suit and excellent Saas products are traded like material goods in many different settings.


Here’s the most incredible thing:

Data does not have a Marketplace.  It’s bonkers.  So we’re building one.  We have the platform, we have become ninjas in data moving and we have the fastest set up speeds of any PaaS product… and now we are poised to start our shop front. 

Simply put: arrive on our platform, add the most important apps for your business and buy plug-ins from the marketplace to integrate however you need them into the platform. 


So if your last data update was sent to you as an excel attachment on an email. Is it time to talk?

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