Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings to you and yours!

Published on December 23, 2020

I started Matatika with a vision for an end-to-end data platform, but this year has been about working out where to begin. The answer was in data collaboration. In 2020, we built a newsfeed-style app for data and in the last few weeks, we pushed our 1000th release.

Considering the additional challenges of 2020, I am quietly pleased with the progress we have made:

  • 1 App built for data collaboration
  • 72 APIs to extend our platform into yours
  • and 12 DataOps Commands for you to automate your data

Thanks of course to my talented and growing team, from Bulgaria and India as well as more local to home. “Matatika” is a Maori word meaning ethical, equitable, honest and unbiased and you can see it runs through everything we do including our current headcount with a 50:50 male/female split.

The unmet need that caught my attention this year was Field Services Management data. We have been talking to companies with engineers dispatched to fix equipment on site, who are drowning in data, which is presented to them in spreadsheets and unconnected reports. They monitor and plan where engineers are, most efficient routes, inventory and, most importantly, keep up to date with the terms of their individual contracts. In an industry that reacts daily to urgent repair requests – think hospital equipment or supermarket fridges – old data is of limited use.

Our platform provides real-time insights and immediate alerts through the App and APIs. The data science part is best navigated by developers at this point. So if you know your way around Jupyter Notebooks then you can already build something in no time at all. I have created a series of short videos designed to inform developers keen to look under the bonnet, as it were. Do have a look, or contact me directly to set you up with a login.

We have a giant list of features and data sources coming out in 2021 and remain committed to building an open and secure platform for you to get the most out of your data. You can expect more social features and natural language (AI) capabilities in the App. Sales and Marketing data sources. Steadily, we are bringing together cutting-edge software into an end-to-end data platform which is cost-effective, efficient, real-time. Your data – packaged, updated, delivered and read by everyone who needs to know.

If this leaves you excited and eager to hear more, I would love to catch up in the new year. Also, there is always a real human at the end of our chat function during working hours and no such thing as a daft question. Until next year then, I think we have earned a little break.

– Aaron

For updates on the platform as it develops, sign up here or connect via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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