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Published on August 6, 2020

At Matatika Towers, we have been locked away in the “upstairs upstairs” feverishly developing our cloud native data collaboration platform. I know we are all holding out for a bit of good news right now, which is why we are excited to announce the Matatika BETA programme.

Over the past few months, we have been having insightful conversations with companies who could really benefit from a step-change in their data insights.  We have been asking questions, listening to their challenges, and making sense of what is going on in the world around us.  The challenge of businesses having to work remotely or run on a reduced model to comply with social distancing means it has never been more important to be lean and agile.

And we are convinced we can make a difference here.

Our goal is to give everyone access to our platform and make it easy for people to connect, search and derive powerful data insights.  Now, you can ask human questions of your data, rather than learning to speak robot.  In order to demonstrate how game-changing it can be for a company to better use its own information; we are committed to releasing the best product we can build.

For that reason, today we are announcing our by invitation beta programme.

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It’s become fashionable to throw ideas out to the market and see who bites, we started out this way too.  Switching to working with a smaller number of well-selected companies, gives us the chance to wade into their data with our sleeves rolled up and really push the limits – to provide real insights for our customers and real insights to us for our product.

We want to talk about security and data access, and about what happens when companies collaborate on insights at a granular level. We want to understand the implications of real-time insights.  We think of it rather like forming a bubble with you.  We want to think deeply about your business and respond as we learn.

Beta customers will get instant access to the Matatika Service through our App and API.  Check out our docs, where you can dig into our extensive reference documentation, quick starts, code snippets and examples – and start collaborating on your data!  Our cloud-native and open source platform ensures our Community is never constrained by storage, compute, or even us as the software vendor.


If you think this might be your company.  Here is our collaborator wish list:

Do you have:

  • lots of data and ideas to communicate, but know that they could work so much better together


  • multiple frustrations with current analytics platforms – too many of them, not enough cross-referencing

Are you afraid that:

  • Changing what you have will be costly or time-consuming
  • OR worse, another disappointment.


The next step is to register now and for us to ask you some questions.

You might decide it is not the right time, that’s ok!  Register now anyway – we are preparing our invite list for the next phase and you’ll be first to hear what we’ve discovered.  Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’d rather keep it socially distanced for now.


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