Data intelligence for the hybrid era

Close deals from wherever you are with all the right information. Don't wait for company information: automate it and get it live instead

Make the difference with better intelligence
All the benefits without the fuss.

The days of chasing information are over

Integrate your Sales strategy and your data strategy.  A secure workspace across business units combines information, avoids data duplication and drives innovative approaches.

Hybrid working works better if the information is always in front of you, wherever you are.

  • Google Analytics

    Use company website information to identify the most engaged user groups. Use the raw data to combine information and forecast.

  • Trello

    For teams who use Trello, build a summary of tasks completed, per person or per period. Get an overview of productivity or remove obstacles to sales.

  • Google Ads

    Extend your intelligence about your campaigns to what the customers do next.

  • Spreadsheets

    No need to chase data around the company. Create departmental data sharing workspace and collaborate. See what is happening as it happens.

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