Our platform is designed and built for data.

  • Extracting and moving data can be hugely inefficient
  • Preparing data for processing can be labour intensive
  • Processing data and producing real-time results can be expensive
  • Sharing and collaborating on insights can quickly become a headache

The Matatika Platform

As part of our software service we provide fully supported connectors to your data and the ability to deploy custom connectors in our Premium service.

Our team are constantly adding insights to our data channels and your own data science teams can create custom insights in our Premium service.

Leveraging cloud-native and open source technologies ensures our Community is never constrained by storage, compute, or even us as the software vendor.

Are you a Data Engineer who builds connectors to cloud apps and data?

Are you a Data Scientist who discovers insights and models?

Are you a curious person who asks questions?


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