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A secure, scalable and fully managed data ops platform. All the benefits without the fuss.
See how we have helped customers to improve the speed and accuracy of their organisational data decisions at a fraction of the cost

Using Field Services Management Software with Solarvista, we brought together up-to-the-minute Data for City Building Engineering Services

  • Daily, weekly and monthly SLA reports, with no data delays
  • Leaderboards and KPIs available instantly on mobile app
  • Predictive Analytics via our open API
  • Dedicated development workspace
  • Dedicated production workspace

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  • Get Instant-Insights
  • Connect to all your data
  • Ask business questions
  • Share & collaborate
  • Inbox & alerts
  • Your Insights Library
  • Insights

    Get Instant-Insights

    Combining the power of AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) analytics, Matatika is set to change the way companies access, interrogate and view their data, Enabling you to leverage your sunk investment in your existing IT systems by tapping into this vast pool of enterprise data to extract powerful business insights with from which you can better manage and optimise your business operations

  • Connect to all your data

    Instantly connect to all of your operational enterprise data as well as your choice of trusted external data sources, all within one user-friendly app. If we don't already have a ready-made connector for any of your data applications, then tell us and we will soon create one!

  • Ask business questions

    Ask natural language questions to rapidly access all of your data and let our AI put your answers in context using trusted market data sources to compare and validate performance

  • Share & collaborate

    Share, socialise & collaborate on your insights securely using live real-time data. Connect and use the Matatika App on any PC, Laptop, tablet or mobile phone

  • Inbox & alerts

    Your personalised feed will stream a flow of relevant insights to your inbox alerting you to any significant changes in real-time

  • Your Insights Library

    Build up a personal library of data insights that interest you. Your library will then be updated and maintained for you in real-time.

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