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Setup a Data New Store

Time required: 5 minutes



By default, every workspace is backed by a PostgreSQL database managed by Matatika. This is set as the default data store for the workspace.

Changing the default data store of a workspace will change where data is loaded into by data imports and queried from by datasets.

Setup a new data store

Matatika supports connecting to a number of data stores, such as PostgreSQL and Snowflake.

  1. Within the Matatika app, switch to the workspace that you wish to set an alternate data store for.
  2. Navigate to the workspace ‘Data Stores’ page
  3. Click ‘Add’, on the next screen ‘Install’ your preferred data store and click ‘Add’
  4. Enter the relevant credentials and other properties for the selected data store
  5. Click ‘Save’ and then navigate back to the ‘Stores’ page
  6. Locate the data store you wish to set as default, click the ‘More’ context menu button, and then select ‘Make default’
    • Once a data store is set the default for a workspace, it cannot be deleted until another data store is made the default

After completing these steps:

No data is transferred or deleted from the Matatika-managed PostgreSQL database, and it can be made the default data store again at any time.

Custom data stores

For custom data stores (i.e. those not provided by Matatika):

If a custom data store is set as the default for a workspace, data will be loaded into the data store as normal, but any datasets will be empty.